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  • Are you Hurting?
  • Do you have back pain?  
  • Neck pain?
  • Or just general, constant body pain? 
  • Tension/migraine headaches?  
  • Old injury that just doesn't feel right?
  • Not interested in pain medications or surgery?  Or tired of taking pain meds?
  • Recent injury or surgery, doing PT but feel like you need a little extra support or maintenance?
  • Do you want to get back to LIVING your life?
  •  Come take some Time To Relax!
  • Each  session is tailored to fit your individual needs.  If there are issues in your tissues, I may be able to help. Ready to schedule or need to ask questions?  Use the green "schedule now" button to the right to make an appointment or  call to schedule a free consult. 612 638 7981

Case Study:  Pat, whose job involves a lot of computer work & is from the Hudson, WI area came in with neck pain & headaches.  She had been seeing a chiropractor who had prescribed an aggressive treatment program including at home work with a traction device, which was making her pain worse.  We did a couple of JF Barnes Myofascial Release sessions & I suggested the simple use of a ball at home for self-care.  Pat reported that not only is her pain gone, it has stayed away.  Please send the people you know with neck pain & headaches my way.  Shared with permission.

What to expect:

  1. Initial sessions include reviewing your health intake form 
  2. we will discuss your goals and needs 
  3. a structural/posture analysis to determine issues. 
  4. The John F. Barnes method of myofascial release is used  to release restricted or stuck areas in your fascia/connective tissue with gentle compression and/or traction applied over several minutes. Follow the link for more information on what "myofascial release" is... You can also find some info on Dao Cloud about MFR
  5. Sessions are designed to facilitate your healing without injury.
  6. A note about "Deep Tissue":  although MFR is a very gentle bodywork method, it is considered a deep tissue technique because it works with the many layers of the body.  

 Want to see reviews from clients?  click here to go to the testimonials page. They are also scattered on pages throughout the site :-)

I obtained my WI State Massage/Bodywork License in 2011. Wisconsin License # 10828-146.

Time To Relax is located in the River Ridge Business Campus at 1290 Hosford Street Suite B Hudson, WI. This is near the Hudson US Post Office.  See the directions page to easily find me.  

Enjoy checking out this site and I hope to meet you soon!

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"Chris has been my therapist for many years.  I am grateful for all of the sessions that have relieved many pains.  I have had a knee replaced.  When she could again do therapy she could help the spots relax and heal.  She can erase the knots in my back and neck. Thank you Chris."   Harriet E.


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